The AgriStress Helpline is now available in Virginia. If you or someone you know are struggling, call or text 833-897-2474.

Cullowhee, NC – September 15, 2022 – AgriSafe has released a helpline called “AgriStress” that is available in Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming. It is a free and confidential crisis helpline with trained professionals that hope to offer support and help those in the agricultural community find mental health resources in their area.

According to AgriSafe, “Good health, including mental health, is a key factor in one’s ability to keep working. Social and geographical isolation, weather variability (such as extreme droughts or flash floods), limited access to health services, and fluctuating commodity prices have a direct impact on ag workers’ mental health. Stigma and privacy concerns associated with mental health may mean that many people do not seek out available behavioral health services.”

If you or someone you know is struggling, call or text 833-897-2474.

To learn more about AgriSafe’s AgriStress Helpline, please visit: 

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