Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for Students Best Practices

  • Here are some best practices on using Blackboard Collaborate.
  • System and Computer Requirements
    •  256 MB Ram
    • 20 MB free disk space
    • 28.8 kbps Internet Access
    • Soundcard with microphone and headphone or have a USB headset with microphone.
    • Webcam is optional
  • Managing Bandwidth and Internet Access
    • Turn off your video camera to reduce the amount of data being sent and received
    • Make sure that you have a robust or excellent Wi-Fi signal strength. Plug directly into the router if possible.
  • Attending an online meeting
    • Find a comfortable place with little or no distractions.
    • Restart your computer before the session to make sure that you do not have any unnecessary software running. This can cause connectivity issues during a session.
    • Before the session, attach your camera and microphone if they are not built into your computer.
    • We recommend using Firefox as your browser. Firefox should be downloaded and installed prior to your first session. (
    • Join the session 5 – 10 minutes early. Setup your audio and video when you first join.
    • Take a moment to watch the Interface Tour video at:
    • When you are in a session and the screen below appears, do not panic. This is what appears when your instructor is changing applications to share.

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