Large Courses in Blackboard

WCU has been using Blackboard for eight years and we are seeing an increase in the size of the courses on our Blackboard system. The size of a course becomes an issue when it is 1.5 GB or larger. It becomes increasing difficult to copy a course forward from one term to the next when the course exceeds 1.5 GB and the stability of the course becomes an issue when a course size exceeds 1.5 GB. The stability issues that we see most often are that the links to files and Blackboard tools break unexpectedly and this results in students struggling to open documents or access tools within the courses.

How to Clean up your course in Blackboard

We would appreciate your assistance in cleaning up the older content in your course(s) that you may not using any more to reduce the size of the course(s) to maintain the stability of the course(s). Please see the attached instructions on how to back up your course content.

Using Panopto to Keep video content

If you house videos or audio files in your course(s), we recommend that you move these files to Panopto and link to them from within your course(s). This will help your student have greater success in viewing your content from a broader range of locations and bandwidths. Attached are instructions on how to configure your course(s) (step 1) for Panopto and how to link to the videos in your course(s) (step 2).

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