Assessments in Blackboard

*Student Tips to consider

Before you begin the assessment (Quiz, Test, or Exam), it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure you will not experience technical problems that might cause your assessment to “lock” and/or submit in Blackboard.

  1. Prior to the start time for the test, Log in 10-15 minutes early to test the connection.
  2. Close all application windows on the computer, and then launch a new browser window to log into Blackboard.
  3. After beginning the Test, scroll to the bottom of the page to be sure the Save Answer, Save All Answers, Save and Submit buttons are available.
  4. Do NOT click Save and Submit until you have completed the exam.
  5. Do NOT use any of the browser’s navigation buttons (Back, Forward, Home, etc.) during the Test.
  6. Do NOT click the browser’s Refresh or Reload buttons in your browser while taking the Test.
  7. This includes keyboard shortcuts such as F5, Ctrl+R (Window), and Command+R (Macintosh).
  8. If “Force Completion” is set for the assessment, DO NOT leave the Test page without completing the Test and clicking the Save and Submit button. If it is not in effect, click Save All Answers before navigating out of Blackboard.
  9. DO NOT open other browser windows or applications while taking a Force Completion quiz/test.
  10. DO NOT click other links or buttons within the Blackboard course while taking a Test.

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