How to Setup a Panopto Assignment in Blackboard


Step 1 – Navigate to the content area where you would like to place the assignment in your Blackboard course.





Step 2 – Hover over the assessments drop down list and select assignment.




Step 3 – When Assignment creation window opens, give the assignment a name at the top of the page.
Next, select Panopto student video submission from the mash-ups dropdown list on the WYSIWYG editor toolbar. (This will insert a list of instructions for the students to follow. Add any necessary text to describe the assignment as desired.)


Step 4 – Indicate how many points the assignment is worth and complete any other optional settings.


Step 5 – After assignment criteria has been entered, click Submit.

  • The Panopto assignment with pre-populated instructions will be created as a link to the assignment folder created in Panopto for the students to submit their assignments into.

Additional information about the Panopto Assignment in Blackboard

  •  After the first student submits a video assignment a new subfolder is created within the parent folder for the course called student submissions.

  • All student recordings for this course will be copied into the student submissions folder in Panopto ensuring the instructors will have access to them. Additionally, this means that the students can record their assignment videos in any folder they have access to without fear of causing any permissions issues.

  • The instructor can now access a direct link to each student’s video submission in the grade center.

Panopto Power:

 Student video assignment can be set up in any area that provides access to a assignment tool with the “Mashup” drop down for “Panopto Student Video Submissions”.

Examples of areas the video assignment could be added are discussion groups, etc.

text area screen shot for Panopto assignments