Pitfall Warning:

The new quiz function is a fantastic way to make sure your students remain engaged throughout your Panopto video, however, please be aware of these important pitfalls.

  • If you use the Panopto video Mashup (available in the text tool) to embed a Panopto video with a quiz, the quiz results will not push to the grade center in Blackboard. **It is recommended that you follow the instructions in this instruction sheet to ensure proper quiz function into the Blackboard Grade Center.
  • If you are reusing a video with a quiz from Panopto please be aware that quiz results for students who have taken the quiz are kept in Panopto for that video. Students who may be taking the quiz again will have results saved from their prior attempt. In order to use the video quiz again it is best practice to copy the video and use it in the new course.

Embedding Panopto Content with Quiz


Step 1 – To add the Panopto Quiz Tool to your course first select the area you would like to place the Quiz (this can be a folder, module, or any area in your course where the “Build Content” menu is available.

Step 2 – Click Build Content, from the “Create” section of the drop-down, select Panopto Quiz.


Step 3 – Create the assessment

Name = Whatever you choose to call it
Enable Evaluation = True
Points Possible = Whatever you choose

Step 4 – Click Submit. This will take you back to the Content menu.

Step 5 – Choose the Session to Embed

  • Click on the Assessment you just created then select the Panopto content.


Step 6 – You will be redirected to the Panopto Uploader control to pick your session. (It will default to the folder for the course you are in but you can use the drop-down to select any folder. Click Insert.

  • Once you have selected it, you will be redirected to an embedded interactive viewer window.

Viewing the Quiz Grades

As an instructor of the course, you can view the grades by clicking on “Grade Center” in the left-hand bar and choosing “Full Grade Center“. (Note: You will see a column for each assignment created this way. You will also see the grades once the quizzes have been taken.)






Download Instructions for using a Panopto Quiz in your Blackboard course

Download additional instructions for creating a quiz in your Panopto video