Panopto Updates in Blackboard include:

  • Student assignment recording – Dramatically simplified the process of recording and submitting student assignments through Panopto in your Blackboard courses with grade center integration.
  • Blackboard Grade Center integration – Panopto sessions can now be added as assignments in Blackboard, and students’ scores on Panopto quizzes within the session will be reported as the grades to the Blackboard Gradebook.
  • Embed player (including quizzing) – Play Panopto videos directly in course areas, discussions, Wikis, etc. Panopto’s video quizzes now appear in the embedded player, accessible on mobile devices or desktop browsers.
    • 180 and 360-degree video supported (for streams that have been marked as supporting those playback styles using the stream properties settings in the editor)

Panopto Notes & Pitfalls:

 For additional information about using new Panopto functions in your course CLICK HERE

Pitfall Warning:

The new quiz function is a fantastic way to make sure your students remain engaged throughout your Panopto video, however, please be aware of these important notes & pitfalls.


  • If you use the Panopto video Mashup (available in the text tool) to embed a Panopto video with a quiz, the quiz results will not push to the grade center in Blackboard. **It is recommended that you follow the instructions in the instruction sheets to ensure proper quiz function to the Blackboard Grade Center. 
  • Student quiz results remain in Panopto with the linked quiz video as well as in your course Blackboard Grade Center. **It is recommended you keep a “clean” copy of the video with the quiz in your “My Folder” as a baseline and copy the video (with quiz) to the course folder each semester you would like to use it before deploying it as a quiz to your class. 


Attendance Tool in Blackboard include:

  • For Instructors – Through the Attendance tool an instructor for each class meeting, can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused.
    • Attendance data may be exported from your courses as a CSV file to import to another system.
    • Attendance data is included with other student data in course archives.
    • Find additional information here about the Blackboard Attendance feature.
  • Blackboard Grade Center integration – Easily use attendance as part of calculating grades just as they can for an assignment grade column. The attendance records for each student appear in a single averaged column next to other graded columns in the grade center.
  • For Students – Attendance is viewable through “My Grades”. The attendance grade appears on the All and Graded tabs.

 For additional information about using Attendance in your course click here

Pitfall Warning:

The Attendance tool in Blackboard courses is inactive by default, to use the attendance tool contact the CFC for instructions to enable Attendance in your course.

  • DO NOT copy attendance content into an existing course if an attendance column appears in the existing course. You’ll add another attendance column to the course’s Grade Center.

Inline Grading using Box:

  • Supported File Types – Supports over 100 file types, such as image files, PowerPoint files, Rich Text Files, and more. This means that the document will appear in Blackboard and you will not need to download it but can comment right in Blackboard.
  • Annotations – File types supported for annotation are PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, PPT, PPTX and ODP. Point-based annotations available for AI, BMP, DCM, EPS, GIF, PNG, PS, PSD, SVS, TGA, TIF, and TIFF file formats:
    • Instructors (or the person grading on your behalf) must enter a grade before the student can view the annotations. This allows for the students to only view feedback when you are finished.
    • Annotation sessions expire after an hour. If an instructor takes longer than an hour to annotate a document, annotations made after that session expiration are not saved and all work is lost.
    • Students can’t annotate documents.
  • Print & Download – Users can print or download a copy of a student file with the option to download in the original format or an annotated PDF version that includes the annotations.
Click here for instructions on how to download Annotated Comments from your graded Blackboard assignments

Pitfall Warning:


  • Students can’t annotate documents.
  • Inline grading doesn’t work with SafeAssign, Self & Peer Assessment, Discussions, or the Content Collection.
  • The New Box View inline viewer interface is displayed only in English at this time.
  • Annotation sessions expire after an hour. If an instructor takes longer than an hour to annotate a document, annotations made after that session expiration may not be saved. (Remember to “Save” often)