Adding Test Exceptions in Blackboard

To allow a student to take an assessment (quiz or exam) outside of the original time frame use Edit the Test Options page under the Test Availability Exceptions.

Below are the steps to setup an availability exception for one or more students for a quiz or exam.

1. Go into Blackboard and into your course.

2. Navigate to the link where the students will access the exam.

3. Click on the small arrow to the right of the assessment name.

4. Select Edit the Test Options from the menu.











6. Scroll down the page to Test Availability Exceptions.

7. Click on the Add User or Group Button.


 8. Select the checkbox in the right column for the student or students who need the exception. Click on Submit to continue.


9. Click on Submit to save your changes.

Creating Alternative Final Assessments

With the impending difficult weather, you may be looking for optional ways to give your finals. 

Here are a few suggestions:

If you are using Blackboard already in your courses, consider using the quiz/test function. There are test generator tools that you can use to copy and paste your test questions into, with minimal formatting the file can then be easily imported into your Blackboard course to deploy online to your students. 

Step 1: 

WCU Test Generator to format your questions

Use the Blackboard test generator to format your test questions and download them as a text file to upload to your Blackboard course. Link to the test generator:

Or Use Respondus to format your questions.

Your test questions will export directly to your Blackboard course when using Respondus.

Respondus 4 Installation File:

After the software is installed and users open it for the first time, users will be prompted for the following information. We strongly suggest using copy/paste vs. trying to type these in.

  • Institution Name:   Western Carolina University
  • Local Support Contact(s):  John Hawes,
  • Installation Password:  ZR928398254-238914434

Step sheets for users of Respondus.

Step 2 – Navigate to the test section in Blackboard Open the test canvas

  1. In Blackboard, Click on Control Panel (left menu) and then on Course Tools
  2. Click Test, Surveys and Pools link
  3. On the next screen, click on Tests

Step 3 – Open the test canvas

  1. Click on the Chevron beside the test you wish to add the questions to. (You may have to click on “Build Test” to create and name the test if the test doesn’t exist yet.)
  1. Click Edit
  2. Click on Upload Questions button

Step 4 – Select the questions test file (the .txt file you created) to add

  1. Browse to the text file the Quiz Generator created and downloaded to your computer.
  2. Enter the Points per question and click on the submit button

Step 5 – Adding the Test to a course area for students to take

  • Once the test questions have been uploaded to the test Navigate to the Content Area in your course you would like to add the Exam, Test, Assessment, etc.
  • Select the “Assessments” dropdown and click on Test
  • Select your test from the Existing Test list
  • Click Submit

Remember to check the radio box next to “Yes” to Make the link available even if you are setting Availability date/times.