As tutors have student rights when added to a course, they will need to have at least Presenter rights in the Collaborate session.  If they will need to be able to record sessions, they will need Moderator rights.
The Default Attendee Role is set as follows.
If you are creating a new session:


Step 1: Open Collaborate

Step 2: Click on Create Session







Step 3: Give the session a name, select No end (open session)


Step 4: Click on Session Settings to open the settings menu (you may need to scroll down)

  • Select the appropriate Default Attendee Role and click Save










Alternatively, an instructor can email the Guest link to a tutor to give them elevated rights. This can be done from a newly created session or in the default Course Room.



Step 1: Click on the Session Options icon on the far right of the Collaborate screen to edit the settings.




Step 2: The Guest role is set similarly to the Attendee role, but the menu is located at the top of the session creation/edit page.









Step 3: Click on the copy to clipboard icon to capture the link address to send to a tutor.





Step 4: As always, remember to click Save to retain your changes.