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Canvas Pilot & Migration Support

Are you an instructor new to Canvas?

Complete self-paced training to begin learning more about Canvas.

Step 1: Login to Canvas

Step 2: Select the “Priming the Canvas” course on your Canvas dashboard

This self-paced course is provided to all instructors in Canvas as your training for Canvas.The course will highlight everything you need to know about getting started with and using Canvas.

Step 3: Review all modules in the Priming the Canvas Course

Step 4: After you have completed Module 1, register for a training session

New topics every Thursday & Friday at 11am based on the weekly Canvas Blog articles.

Registration is required. We encourage instructors to attend multiple sessions to understand different functionality in Canvas.

Prior to registering for a Canvas workshop please complete Steps 1-3 which includes completion of Module 1:Getting Started with Canvas in the Priming to Canvas self-paced training course & review the Migrated Course Checklist.

 Additional Self-Paced & Departmental Training

  • In the Global menu (left menu) in Canvas select “Help” to access the “Training Services Portal”.
  • The “Migrating from Blackboard to Canvas” page also provides useful information regarding steps for moving from Blackboard to Canvas, including differences between Canvas and Blackboard.
  • You can also request a departmental training for your department program or small group.

Canvas Help

Canvas is providing support throughout the migration via 24/7 chat and phone support within Canvas, on the left navigation menu. We encourage all of our instructors to go through the self-paced (Instructor training) courses on your Canvas Dashboard. The Canvas 24/7 support will end June 30, 2021 so please take full advantage of this resource.

Canvas help iconCanvas Chat Support or Canvas Support Hotline: 855-245-3076 (*Please note: 24/7 support from Instructure is for Canvas related questions only.) ONLY AVAILABLE until JUNE 30, 2021

If you are not able to login or do not know how to use a WCU tool like Panopto or Zoom, please contact WCU IT help.

Canvas on the Web

Canvas Mobile Apps

Instructors/Teachers/Course Facilitators: How do I get help with the Teacher app on my Android device or  iOS device?

Students: How do I get help with the Student app on my Android device or iOS device?

Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is a collaborative space where community members share ideas, find answers and join groups. Everyone has access to the Canvas Community which is an immense resource of easy to navigate information.

The Canvas Community is also a very active and effective place to influence how Instructure prioritizes and develops changes to its product. We recommend becoming familiar with the community to get the most out of your Canvas experience.

Discover more about Instructure’s feature development process to submit a feature request.

Cross-listing Canvas Courses

Cross-Listing in Canvas is the process of combining the enrollment from two or more courses in Canvas. Before requesting courses be cross-listed in Canvas, instructors will need to determine which course will serve as the primary course and which course(s) will be...

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Quizzes and Assignments in Canvas

Assignments Even in a fully face to face class you may find it more convenient t have your students submit their work online to save class time and facilitate grading and record keeping.  Assignments in Canvas, like their Blackboard counterpart, are how you create a...

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Canvas Course Storage

Courses in Canvas have a storage limit of 1GB (1000MB) at WCU. More information about course file quotas in Canvas can be found on the Canvas File Quota Guide.  It is advised to store all media within a media library outside of the Canvas LMS in Panopto, OneDrive or...

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Canvas’ Rich Content Editor

Understanding the powers of the RCE in Canvas will enable you to craft information to your students in not only a visually compelling way but also encourage engagement with your content while offering clearer information.  The following Canvas features use the Rich...

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Canvas Modules vs. Pages vs. Files

The Canvas platform can be used to create and support an excellent learning environment for all modalities: fully face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online.  When the tools are used well, they can enhance communication, understanding, and faculty and student...

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