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CFC Staff Presents at System Educational Technology Conference

The staff of the CFC had the largest number of sessions ever accepted for the annual UNCCAUSE conference.  From October 1-3, the staff attended sessions, joined networking and special-interest groups, and presented at 5 sessions. In order of delivery, the sessions...

Using the Panopto Recorder at WCU

It is best practice to access Panopto from a web browser to authenticate or through your course in Blackboard. *NOTE: By default students are not given creator access to Panopto to create videos, only viewer access. Download Instructions Do the following: Open a...

Audio Video Feedback in The Grade Center

Are you tired of pounding on a keyboard to give your students feedback on their assignments?  Are you looking for a more natural way of telling your students how great or how poorly they are doing? Look no more because Blackboard has (finally) integrated voice (with...

Semester Exam Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity

Western Carolina University strives to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity and endeavors continuously to improve the quality of its students’ education. Academic integrity is the moral code of academia that requires a commitment to and...

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List of Panopto’s TOP Burning Questions & Solutions

Instructors & StudentsWe know there are times when we are not available to answer your burning questions about Panopto. Whether your questions are for students using Panopto or for yourself as Panopto relates to your course.Here are the most common questions and...

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Configuring a Blackboard course for Panopto

There have been some exciting upgrades to Blackboard using Panopto tools. In order to take advantage using Panopto video in your course there are a few steps to configure your course for Panopto. Here is a quick start quide to help get your started: Configuring your...

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Helpful Educational Technology Links – Spring 2019

Main overview of new functions now available in WCU's Blackboard Environment: What’s new in Blackboard for 2019 Links to additional posts (which include instructions) for each new/upgraded tool in Blackboard: The New Blackboard Attendance Tool...

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CFC Hosting Educause Encore Event

Hunter Library Room 156 Drop In March 5 Noon - The Role of Learning Engineering for Next-Gen Learning Technologies12:45 pm - What We Know About Online Leadership1:30 pm - A Strategic and Collaborative Approach to Online Education Compliance3:00 pm - Senior Academic...

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Virtual Reality Room In Hunter Library

Virtual Reality (VR) Room in the Library As part of its Scholar Studio initiative, Hunter Library’s has created and now expanded the Virtual Reality (VR) Room offerings.  Its new location, HL 184, is located beside the library electronic classroom (HL 186) and was...

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Mid-Semester Assistance with Online Courses

Mid-Semester Assistance with Online Courses Sometimes online courses don’t go as well as we’d like, and as faculty, we aren’t sure why. The CFC established a service for all Western faculty last fall in order to help faculty determine the experiences of their online...

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What’s new in Blackboard for 2019?

What’s new in Blackboard for 2019?

Panopto Updates in Blackboard include: Student assignment recording - Dramatically simplified the process of recording and submitting student assignments through Panopto in your Blackboard courses with grade center integration. Blackboard Grade Center...

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Getting to know the Attendance tool in Blackboard

The Attendance tool can be a great addition to your course in Blackboard. Through the Attendance tool an instructor for each class meeting, can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused.Attendance data may be exported from your courses as a CSV file...

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Use a Panopto Quiz as a Blackboard Assessment

Pitfall Warning: The new quiz function is a fantastic way to make sure your students remain engaged throughout your Panopto video, however, please be aware of these important pitfalls. If you use the Panopto video Mashup (available in the text tool) to embed a Panopto...

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Downloading Annotated Comments in Blackboard

How to download Annotated Comments from graded assignments Step 1 – Navigate to the Full Grade Center Step 2 - Hover over the assessments drop down list and select assignment.     Step 3 - Select the attempt that has been graded        ...

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