Merging Sessions in Panopto

(Source: Panopto allows you to merge any two sessions together. This is often necessary when recordings are made using two different computers to capture audio, video, powerpoint and screen capture, but the recordings are...

Using additional monitors to record in Panopto

How to install an additional monitor: To add a second monitor to your computer, you'll need to make sure that you either have a video card that supports multiple monitors, or that your computer has more than one video card. Once you have made sure that...

Large Courses in Blackboard

Large Courses in Blackboard WCU has been using Blackboard for eight years and we are seeing an increase in the size of the courses on our Blackboard system. The size of a course becomes an issue when it is 1.5 GB or larger. It becomes increasing difficult to copy a...

3D Pedagogy

Exploring 3D Printing as a Tool for Pedagogy 3D printing has been making inroads especially in engineering and K12 education for a number of years, but it has become even more compelling as the price has come down. The 3DU printing facilities  in the Technology...

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Student Learning Outcomes

Guidelines for Student Learning Outcomes • Avoid use of verbs such as, “demonstrate”, “know”, “recognize”, “value”, “appreciate”, etc. • Use only a single action verb per Student Learning Outcome (SLO). Use Bloom’s taxonomy for verb selection. • Three to five (3 – 5)...

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Alternative assignments for Snow Days

“Don’t let a snow day catch you off guard!” “I’ve had to revise my syllabus twice, changing the schedule, and as a result, changing the weight of the first two exams…it’s an unfortunate start…not something that cannot be overcome.” – Professor Brian Pilecki...

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International Mentoring Association Conference

Registration and Call For Proposals! Click here to register for the 2017 IMA Conference The International Mentoring Association (IMA) has opened its proposal submission for the 2017 IMA Conference, to be held April 26 - 28, 2017 at the beautiful University of North...

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Video Streaming Database Trial

Greetings The library is trying out a new streaming service that has a large number of video assets, including many from PBS and from the Great Courses catalog.  If you want to browse this pilot before it expires, click the button below. If you think this might be a...

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Maker Training Opportunities

In collaboration with the College of Engineering and Technology  and the Technology Commons the Coulter Faculty Commons has one more Just in Time Learning Experience in Making available for this semester.  We thank all of the members of the WCU community who...

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Tables in McKee

Take charge of your classroom with the new furniture.  The tables all pivot, nest, and roll to give you more flexible space. For example.  Put all the tables nested against the wall and circle up the chairs for a sharing time.      

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Curriculog Training

We will have several Curriculog training sessions in the near future for those who utilize our curriculum management system to create new programs/courses, make program/course changes, or review curriculum proposals. These training sessions will give you an...

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