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Blackboard Moving to the Cloud

Special Warning:   Systems/Tools that will not be available during this migration period: May 28 - May 31, 2019 Blackboard Learn Panopto - Users cannot view existing sessions or upload new recordings, but users can still record offline. Respondus - Users cannot...

Semester Exam Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity

Western Carolina University strives to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity and endeavors continuously to improve the quality of its students’ education. Academic integrity is the moral code of academia that requires a commitment to and...

List of Panopto’s TOP Burning Questions & Solutions

Instructors & StudentsWe know there are times when we are not available to answer your burning questions about Panopto. Whether your questions are for students using Panopto or for yourself as Panopto relates to your course.Here are the most common questions and...

What’s new in Blackboard for 2019?

Panopto Updates in Blackboard include: Student assignment recording - Dramatically simplified the process of recording and submitting student assignments through Panopto in your Blackboard courses with grade center integration. Blackboard Grade Center...

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Getting to know the Attendance tool in Blackboard

The Attendance tool can be a great addition to your course in Blackboard. Through the Attendance tool an instructor for each class meeting, can mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused.Attendance data may be exported from your courses as a CSV file...

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Use a Panopto Quiz as a Blackboard Assessment

Pitfall Warning: The new quiz function is a fantastic way to make sure your students remain engaged throughout your Panopto video, however, please be aware of these important pitfalls. If you use the Panopto video Mashup (available in the text tool) to embed a Panopto...

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Downloading Annotated Comments in Blackboard

How to download Annotated Comments from graded assignments Step 1 – Navigate to the Full Grade Center Step 2 - Hover over the assessments drop down list and select assignment.     Step 3 - Select the attempt that has been graded        ...

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Student Recordings as a Panopto Assignment

How to Setup a Panopto Assignment in Blackboard   Step 1 – Navigate to the content area where you would like to place the assignment in your Blackboard course.         Step 2 - Hover over the assessments drop down list and select assignment....

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Adding Test Exceptions in Blackboard

To allow a student to take an assessment (quiz or exam) outside of the original time frame use Edit the Test Options page under the Test Availability Exceptions. Below are the steps to setup an availability exception for one or more students for a quiz or...

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Creating Alternative Final Assessments

With the impending difficult weather, you may be looking for optional ways to give your finals.  Here are a few suggestions: If you are using Blackboard already in your courses, consider using the quiz/test function. There are test generator tools that you...

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Assessments in Blackboard

*Student Tips to consider Before you begin the assessment (Quiz, Test, or Exam), it is important to follow a few guidelines to ensure you will not experience technical problems that might cause your assessment to “lock” and/or submit in Blackboard. Prior to the start...

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Merging Sessions in Panopto

(Source: Panopto allows you to merge any two sessions together. This is often necessary when recordings are made using two different computers to capture audio, video, powerpoint and screen capture, but the recordings are...

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Creating Group Discussions

(  Download Instructions If your course uses groups to encourage students to collaborate on coursework, you can also include links to group tools to help them communicate. For...

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Creating Groups in Blackboard

( Download Instructions You can create groups, enroll students in groups, and edit or delete groups in your Blackboard course. Groups can be created one at a...

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Using additional monitors to record in Panopto

How to install an additional monitor: To add a second monitor to your computer, you'll need to make sure that you either have a video card that supports multiple monitors, or that your computer has more than one video card. Once you have made sure that...

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