As more schools begin to make the transition to distance learning and online classrooms, Microsoft wants to help.

Microsoft Education is committed to helping all teachers, students, and staff stay engaged and focused on learning. Creating an online classroom is an important step in moving to a remote learning experience. Free for schools, Microsoft Teams, provides a secure online classroom that brings together classroom management features, collaborative workspaces like OneNote Class Notebook, and virtual face-to-face connections in a single digital hub that keeps students engaged.

To help support you during this time, Microsoft has curated some top resources on distance learning.

Microsoft has created resources, training, and how-to guides that will help educators and their classrooms make this transition. As more resources are available we will update this page.

Web Page

Quickly get started with tools to connect remotely and engage your students in Office 365. The ultimate cheat sheet right at your fingertips


Learn how to get started with Teams using these webinars designed for educators.


Free training for creating your online classroom in Office 365. Get started. Visit the Family Learning Center for a collection of free family-led educational activities.


Share best practices and connect with peers from all over the globe who are enabling remote learning with Teams. Sign up today.


These resources have been provided by the Microsoft Corporation and are included in this post for the convenience of WCU faculty who want to use Office 365 to facilitate online learning.  To see the full message sent by Microsoft to subscribers on March 23, 2020, click here.