Online Professional Development

The Coulter Faculty Commons team has developed a course to support faculty in their development for impactful online teaching. The course, Teaching Online with Impact, is available to all WCU faculty.


Teaching Online with Impact

Who is the course for?
The course is available to any WCU faculty member. Department heads and other stakeholders of online program quality may also request a spot in the course for faculty in their department.

How it it delivered?
The course is offered in Blackboard. It will show for faculty on their Home tab in Blackboard.

When does the course start?
The course will open on late Spring of 2020. Faculty can participate when they find time to complete the modules over the duration of the spring semester.

How long does it take?
The course contains four required modules, each of which will require between 30 minutes and 1 hour of time. Some modules will require additional time, and the CFC is happy to meet with faculty one-on-one to develop and refine their courses accordingly.

What is the course format?
The course contains required and optional modules and is offered asynchronously over the course of the semester. There are no firm deadlines for any activity; faculty are free to work on the course as they find time. The course facilitators will be notified when discussions are posted, and there will be regular communication from the CFC facilitator.

What does the course consist of?
The course contains the following modules: Creating Online Presence, Design, Universal Design, the WCU Syllabus Template and Framework, Acclimating to Online Teaching, Academic Integrity, Copyright and Fair Use, Finding and Using Web Content, Workload and Time Management, and Evaluating Your Impact.

What will I be doing in the course?
The course contains short readings, videos, and reflective activities and discussions intended to support a cohort-based model for the faculty who enroll.

Is there a course facilitator?
The first iteration of the course will be facilitated by various CFC staff. Scottie Kapel, WCU’s Outreach and Scholarly Communication Librarian, will facilitate the section of the course pertaining to copyright.

Will the course run again?
Of course! We aim to run the course again in the summer and fall.

How do I enroll?
Contact Dr. Terry Pollard through email:

Faculty will then be contacted to join the course.

The course is our best effort to support programs in their need to certify online teaching readiness. As you are likely aware, this certification resides at the department level, and the CFC has traditionally supported departments in the event that they or the faculty want to be assured that a faculty member meets online teaching readiness standards. (For additional context see the CRC Committee Resolution 5 which preceded the development of the current AA21 process).

The course represents our best effort to meet the changing needs of academic programs—one where we can reach faculty at a distance, at times best suited for their schedules, and in a way that also supports Center and University growth. The course was conceived following a close reading of accreditation guidelines, such as C-RAC 2011 interregional guidelines. It has replaced our prior course, entitled Blackboard Boot Camp. The new course is entitled Teaching Online with Impact.