Eager for student feedback about your course?

The Coulter Faculty Commons provides a mid-semester service for faculty at Western. One of our educational developers visits a class and conduct a focus group to determine what is working well in the course and what might be reconsidered. The teacher is not present and students share their opinions confidentially and anonymously. We develop a report and generate recommendations for the faculty to consider.

During the focus group activity, we also ask questions about student behavior, which teachers find useful.

The CFC is providing a Quick Course Diagnostic during the mid-semester weeks (weeks 8-10 excluding spring/fall break) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Slots are limited.

Research shows that faculty who solicit mid-semester feedback from their students achieve higher end-of-quarter ratings, especially when this feedback is coupled with expert consultation
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2 Faculty Testimonial, Provided to CFC in Fall 2018.
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 New faculty are encouraged to consider the service. 

To schedule an QCD

complete the form or contact Annette Parris at aparris@wcu.edu