Blackboard 9.1 is the Learning Management System (LMS) software application utilized at Western Carolina University to provide online coursework.
Blackboard enhances the quality of online and face-to-face instruction and is used to monitor, document, and manage online and classroom events and assignments.

Blackboard provides a reliable means to engage students in an online environment and can greatly improve the educational experience of both students and instructors.

Start of the Semester Checklist

To keep your students from being lost in a penumbra of online darkness, the CFC has a created a checklist to help remind you of those Blackboard tasks that are important – even if you only have to worry about them once a semester.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the online collaborative learning tool integrated into the WCU Blackboard environment that has permanently replaced GoToMeeting.

For Students:

Course Material Access

Don’t lose all of the hard work and effort you put forth, make copies of everything you created or you will lose access to it. Remember, you maintain access to your files for only two semesters (including the summer semester) after you graduate. Everyone here at WCU wishes you great success in all of your future endeavors! Good luck!

Faculty Request Forms

Course Merge Request
Combines student enrollment of two or more courses. This process creates a new course with the combined enrollment. If you have content you wish to add to the merged course, please also send us a Course Copy Request.


Request a Course Merge

Course Copy Request
Copies content from a prior course to a current or future course.

Course Copy

Enrollment Request
Request to have Tutors, Fellows, Teaching Assistants, colleagues, or peers added to your courses.


Enrollment Request

Development Course Request
Copies content from a prior course to a current or future course.


Development Course Request

Organization / Student Center Request
Request to create a Student Center or Organization.


Organization/Student Center Request

Course Archive Request
Request to have courses removed from Blackboard during the next archive.


Course Archive Request 

Course Restore Request
Requests to have course restored from the archived courses.


Course Restore Request

Blackboard Community Member Access Request
Request for community member to be added to Blackboard.


Request Community Member Access


Learning Management Software = Blackboard


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