Teaching & Learning with Canvas @ WCU

Teaching & Learning with Canvas and other technology is much more than the use of a tool or application. The Coulter Faculty Commons partners with instructors, providing resources to make coherent pedagogical choices in conjunction with the use of technology tools for the enhancement of student success.

First Day Ready!

This course will walk you through the process of creating a Canvas LMS course so that you can be first day ready. This course will cover how to create a Home Page, utilize Modules, and access Student View to ensure your course is “first day ready”

Help Your Students Succeed!

Are you an Instructor looking for functionality in Canvas to help guide student success? Explore the tools available to enhance your teaching, from Course Analytics to Grading and Accomodation settings. Here you will find UDL & UX best practice information to improve student success.


Earn Badges

While Learning Everything About Canvas and Beyond…

Priming the Canvas

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Start Here

Modules 1-3 will get you started with the Basics of Canvas and designing your course. Level Up and enhance your knowledge with new approaches while earning your Canvas Starter badge


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Level Up

Modules 4-8 offers comprehensive information covering Active & Interactive Learning, Content & Structuring your course as well as UDL and Accessibility to earn your Canvas Cruiser badge


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Take the Lead

Modules 9-12 highlights what instructors can do to help students through Usability, Visual Design, & Multimedia. Complete with information to stregnthen your Online Presence and Teaching in the Virtual Classroom to earn your final Canvas Legend badge


What do your peers say about Canvas?


The assignment group percentages are awesome! Canvas is so much more intuative than our previous LMS!

- WCU Instructor currently using Canvas

Explore the Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is a collaborative space where community members share ideas, find answers and join groups. Everyone has access to the Canvas Community which is an immense resource of easy to navigate information.

First Day Ready in Canvas

Instructors at WCU will be teaching in Canvas beginning in summer 2021 and beyond.  WCU faculty will be teaching in Canvas beginning in summer 2021 and beyond. One of the major differences between Blackboard and Canvas, as far as courses go, is a feature in Canvas...