Are you wondering which screen capture software is best for you?

WCU supports the use of Panopto but there are other tools and software instructors can use (though other programs may have an additional cost.)

What is supported at WCU?

Panopto, Qualtrics & Microsoft Forms (O365)

Learn more about Panopto

Panopto is a supported video capture, streaming, search and archiving solution at WCU.

The integration of rich content (video, voice, screen capture, basic editing) and user-driven metadata (PowerPoint, notes, speech to text, etc.) as key enablers for Instructors at WCU.

  • Record Video
    • In browser recording
    • Desktop application (PC & Mac)
    • Mobile app recording
    • Import from other sources
  • Lecture Capture
    • Webcam
    • Live/recorded classroom/hall (limited classrooms set up with Panopto)
    • Multisource (simultaneous capture)
    • Presentation Capture – Powerpoint/Keynote
    • Webcam
    • Screencast
  • Video/Audio Storage (media library/repository)
    • Streaming
    • Archive
    • Analytics
  • Live Webcasting Option
    • Trainings
    • Meetings/Live Events
  • Basic Video editing
  • Advanced viewing Options with the Panopto viewer
  • LMS integration (student video assignments and in video quizzing)

Harness the Power of Panopto

Do I have to use Panopto?

No, you have other options.

Note: $$ Indicates additional cost and are not supported by WCU IT help; * Indicates WCU Supported.

Screen Recording & Screen Capture

Screen-Cast-o-Matic $$
Camtasia $$

  • Simple Screen Capture and Recording
    • Panopto (supported, for Mac & PC)
    • Screen-Cast-o-Matic and Camtasia (additional cost/unsupported, for Mac & PC)
  • Powerpoint/Keynote Capture, Multiple Camera/screen/video sources supported with Panopto only (for Mac & PC)

Video/Media Storage


Allows for:

  • Video Storage (Mac & PC)
  • Upload MP4/Media Files (Mac & PC)

Video Editing

Screen-Cast-o-Matic $$
Camtasia $$
Screenflow (Mac Only)$$

  • Video editing options are incuded after recording with Panopto (Mac & PC).
  • Video editing options during & after recording are available with:
    • Screen-Cast-o-Matic (Mac & PC)
    • Camtasia (Mac & PC)
    • Screenflow (Mac Only)

Interactive Content

Microsoft Forms*^

(^ Interactive content)

Video Quizzing within videos available in Panopto (Mac & PC)