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The Faculty Senate at Western Carolina University is asking faculty to complete a brief survey on key issues being considered during the 2021 Spring Semester. These issues include continuing to allow students to opt in to receive Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades on select courses instead of letter grades, the use of Student Assessment of Instruction (SAIs) data on annual faculty report and an optional pause on the tenure clock for tenure-track faculty.

Please follow this link to complete the survey.

For some of these issues, the FS senators have been divided in past semesters. We need faculty input to shape our policy decisions. Faculty are also urged to contact their senators and share their perspective on these issues.


WCU Student

Undergraduate students at Western Carolina University have had the option to request that they receive grades of “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” for the last few semesters, which have been disrupted by the global COVID-19 pandemic and moved online or to another alternative form of course delivery.