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Dear WCU Campus Community,

In light of the recent rise in violent incidents against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders and, in particular, in response to the shocking, despicable, and cowardly action of the recent Atlanta mass shooting, we’d like to issue the following statements:

1.           We strongly condemn the cowardly and depraved action of the Atlanta mass shooting, and we share in the grief of those who have lost friends, family members, and loved ones to this senseless violence. We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and our uttermost dismay at the senseless loss of lives.  Racism and hatred have no place in our communities.

2.           The sexist, racist, and hateful nature of this crime targeting Asian American women is undeniable. The perpetrator must be held accountable, charged with the hate crime as it is, and punished to the maximum extent. Other violent incidents across the nation against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders must be investigated fully and prosecuted to the highest degree of the offense. Help needs to be provided to the families of victims, including but not limited to seeking appropriate legal action against the perpetrator for maximal civil damages.

3.           We deeply appreciate and thank the Catamount community for the continued and whole-hearted support, as eloquently expressed in Chancellor Brown’s letter on March 19th. These tragic events reinforce the necessity to keep advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, as stated in our WCU Creed, here and beyond. United we stand strong against all forms of racial discrimination, violence, and hatred.

Endorsed by the following WCU Asian American Faculty Members:

Dr. Bill Yang, Professor, School of Engineering & Technology

Dr. Yang Zhang, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering & Technology

Dr. Leo Lei, Assistant Professor, School of Stage & Screen

Dr. Yiqing Yang, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology & Sociology

Dr. Sudhir Kaul, Associate Professor, School of Engineering & Technology

Dr. Bora Karayaka, Associate Professor, School of Engineering & Technology

Dr. Yumiko Ono, Instructor, Department of World Languages

Dr. Sur Ah Hahn, Associate Professor, Department of Social Work

Dr. SungJoon Suk, Associate Professor, Kimmel School of Construction Management

Dr. Channa De Silva, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Physics

Sincerely yours

Weiguo (Bill) Yang, Ph. D.

Professor of Electrical Engineering