Western Science Practices

The Western Carolina University Environmental Health program works with local high school science classes to teach students how to monitor air and water quality using scientific tools. 

The images below show some of the students from Cherokee High School monitoring the air quality within their school building. The students had to hypothesize what particulate matter they thought various areas of the building would have. Then they would go to the specified locations to document the data from their air beams onto their lab document from class, determining if their hypothesis was correct. 

Particulate Pollution Concentration Tests

Students collected particulate pollution concentration data using Airbeam monitors around school and at home. 

These monitors measure fine particulate matter, a contributor to poor health and environmental degradation.  

Students collected air pollution data, recorded their activities in a daily activity diary, and completed lab reports of their findings

WCU student support

Click through the images to see how WCU students supported the project. Check out this short video to see more about their scientific testing of the monitors used by the CHS students.

Timber Committee Presentation

I tried to add the timber video presentation here, but I don’t have access. So, if you could add it here I think that would be helpful.

Students test the air quality around the exhaust of a car