Tanya McCall Melton, a Business, Finance and Information Technology teacher at Brevard High School made it her mission this Spring to focus on meeting the needs of a student with a disability in her Entrepreneurship I Class.  Tanya had a student that was struggling to grasp key concepts about entrepreneurship, mainly due to difficulties with vocabulary and connecting ideas.   Tanya had previously researched a free online program called Venture Entrepreneurial Expedition, by Everfi and decided to utilize it with this particular student.

Example PowerPoint slide from Tanya’s project presentation

Over a 2-3-week period, Tanya’s student spent about 5 hours in total working through Modules that ranged from the basics of entrepreneurship, to working on developing a simulated business (food truck business).  This program included individualized recommendations and ideas for exploring careers based on student’s skills that had been identified through a self-assessment.

Utilizing this tech resource helped to better meet the needs of the student by providing engaging audio and visual models, feedback of learning through “knowledge check’s and quizzes”, individualized recommendations and content, and by allowing the student to work at her own pace.   Tanya explained that this software helped with previous areas of difficulty such as vocabulary and understanding more difficult concepts.

“I started to realize that differentiation and individualization was not as difficult as I once thought”

-Tanya McCall Melton