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Welcome to COPE! COPE is a self-guided series that teaches skills to handle painful thoughts and feelings effectively, so they impact and influence us less. Everyone experiences psychological pain, it is a normal part of being human. Though psychological pain is difficult, it serves to communicate important information about our experiences, the same way physical pain alerts us to an injury. COPE is not designed to get rid of or necessarily solve whatever it is that brought you here. COPE focuses on changing our relationship with our psychological pain and creating flexibility in how we respond to it.  It is designed to:

Explore our natural response to stress and how self-care can impact how we respond,

Help you to understand your problems in new ways,

Create flexibility in how you deal with these problems,

Help you start making choices that move you in the direction of living your life more fully.

COPE is divided into 3 modules that are linked to below. Each module includes videos, written materials, and exercises to assist you in developing and exploring these skills. We encourage you to complete each module in the order provided as the skills build on each other.  Check out the links below to get started.



 This module focuses on the skill of recognizing. You will explore your natural stress response, importance of self-care and learn a new super power – mindfulness!



Module 2 helps you to develop insight. You will develop skills to gain deeper understanding of your experiences feel less stuck in responding to your unwanted internal experiences.



The final module explores openness to change and living a more fulfilling life. This means asking the question: In a world where you could choose to have your life be about something, what would you choose?



Learn more about the COPE series with answers to frequency asked questions..

CAPS Self-Help Resources

At CAPS we strive to empower you to be successful in all aspects of your life here at WCU.  With this, we’ve built some self-help tools to help support the many aspects of wellness in your life. 

More Skills and Practice

Want more practice? We’ve included additional exercises and information about the skills and concepts from COPE.

Additional Resources

Check out our resources page for additional websites, apps, and books to help you practice self-care  and the skills presented here.

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*Content has been adapted with permission from Cal Poly Counseling Services and Eastern Carolina University Counseling & Student Development