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COPE Module 3

In the third and final module, we will turn our attention to openness to change. Through opening up, we can create space to make different choices and live a more fulfilling life. Get started with the introduction video below!


Exercise 1: Acceptance of Pain and Struggling



In this exercise, we will once again work specifically with the internal experiences you struggle with. We invite you to actively and openly direct your awareness to your unwanted experiences so that you may approach them with acceptance and compassion. By approaching your unpleasant experiences in this manner, you become open to receiving information communicated to you through them. Cultivating this openness allows you to make space for what you are struggling with instead of fighting it. After the meditation, use the worksheet provided to further explore your experience. 


Values vs Goals


Being open means completely accepting, in the moment, without fighting or judging whatever internal experience shows up; we do this in order to do what is important to us.  Additionally, being open means being committed to a course of action- even when we experience discomfort- because that action is valuable to us.

Sometimes it’s hard to commit to an action, especially when discomfort is involved, because we don’t really know what is important to us.  However, we can begin to identify what is important by having the conversation about that which gives our life value, meaning, and purpose. These are our values. Watch the video below to learn about the difference between values and goals.

Exercise 2: Values Compass and Journal Exercise


Values are not so much about the future as they are about living in the moment and doing the things that embody our personal vision. What are your values? Take some time to explore what is important to you right now, in this moment using the Values Compass below. This is a tool you can use to really begin to refine your values and how important each of them are to you. 

The questions on the journal page will also help you think through your values. As you complete these worksheets, you may find that some of the values aren’t as applicable to your life or aren’t very important. That’s OK. YOU are the person that gets to decide what is and is not important to you!




*Content has been adapted with permission from Cal Poly Counseling Services and Eastern Carolina University Counseling & Student Development