Q: What year did you graduate from WCU?

A: 1998.

Q: What was your concentration and minor?

A: Public Relations with a minor in Prelaw.

Q: What are your career highlights?

A: Current Assistant Dean, Administration & Operations, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University.

Q: Why did you choose the Communication department over other majors at WCU?

A: I was originally pushing toward the law field. I then learned that furthering my education in law school did not excite me. I majored in Communication mainly because of the caring trait professors had in the department. Professors put forth an effort toward student success and opportunity.

Q: What is the most important principle or skill you learned while in the Communication department?

A: I developed many strong skills through the Communication Department. I created stronger communication skills by paying closer attention to details. My greatest skill was correcting the fine details in assignments, projects or real-world issues. There is power in details, and good details are needed for effective communication.

Q: Where did you complete your internship? What was the most important thing you learned from this experience?

A: I completed several internships prior to graduating from Western Carolina University. An internship that allowed me the most experience in communicating and professionalism was working in the Administration officer at WCU. My work consisted of traveling to 47 counties in North Carolina. I visited high schools and drumming up conversations and interests about WCU, in hopes of more registration. This internship was important to professional advertising and communication skills that I needed after graduation.

Q: How would you characterize the impact of the WCU Communication department on your career?

A: I would describe the impact of the WCU Comm. Department as a confidence developer to my career. I was imbedded with strong comprehension skills, sharing skills and communication skills from WCU. They installed good habits into my professional development at WCU, leaving me ready for the real world.

Q: Thinking back about your time as a WCU Communication major, what is your favorite memory?

A: Every memory I have with Dr. Betty Farmer is my favorite. I distinctly remember a trip we had went on to Santa Luis for a professional networking conference. We spent our time presenting information and network with successful people in the Communication field of work.

Q: What would you tell a prospective student wanting to major in Communication at WCU?

A: I believe that a student’s willingness to change majors to Communication is a good thing. However, I would never want to tell them what they should do without understanding their motivation first. I also believe that Communication is not an easy major to complete.

Q: Please provide your LinkedIn and any other social media contacts you’d like to share.

LinkedIn: Lisa Duke