Lyndan Jones is the Student General Manager of WWCUFM

Q: What made you choose to attend WCU? 

A: I chose WCU because we have a fantastic nutrition program. When I graduated high school, I wanted to become a dentist! Western is also the number one adventure school, and I loved the idea of taking classes like mountain biking (yes, I really took that.)

Q: Why did you choose the Communication Major? 

A: I chose communication after a year of volunteering at the radio station. I had my own show, SSA Tuesday’s, as well as doing weather 2-3 days a week.

Q: What is your concentration and why did you choose it?

A: I am concentrating in Broadcasting because I like the idea of being a personality, be it radio, news or otherwise.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the communication program? 

A: Don Connelly is my favorite thing about this program – to have a mentor with such a vast knowledge of the field is invaluable. But I also really dig the radio station

Q: What do you want to do as a career after college? 

A: My goal in life is to never have a career, the 9-5 thing is for the birds. I like to think of the person I want to be, the changes I want to see, rather than the job I wish to attain. My only solid plan is the Peace Corps, and that is more to build character than a career.

Q: How has the Comm department prepared you for your career so far? 

A: This department has shown me the endless possibilities of humanity when people can communicate. Much of the world’s conflict is created by a lack of understanding, something I hope to combat.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved with Power 90.5?

A: Freshman year at Valley Ballyhoo I met Travis! I took initiative and got super involved, doing weather and a show, and fell in love with the concept and the people – even switching to a communication major.

Q: What is your favorite part about working for Power 90.5?

A: This job has taught me more about myself than any other experience. I have realized my leadership style, the best ways to communicate with many different people and needs, how to advertise, reach out professionally, interview, and produce. Further, this system is what we call “old school”, so figuring out the ways to work it are often trial and error as there is no Wikihelp or Yahoo Answer! My favorite part is all of them, because I feel prepared for just about anything.