On Tuesday, March 30, members of WCU’s Communication Department gathered to recognize recipients of the 2021-2022 scholarships.

“It was incredibly challenging that we had so many really wonderful applicants and its really telling that all of you really wonderful young women are here today because it was through your hard work and all of the things that you put in, that we really want to congratulate you on your hard work and celebrate you winning these scholarships,” said Dr. Candy Noltensmeyer, chair of the Communication Department scholarship committee.

Meltzer Scholarship

The Meltzer Scholarship is awarded from the College of Arts and Sciences to two students in each program.

“As someone who has grown up in an extremely underfunded and poor community, this scholarship means the world to me and my family,” communication department recipient Hailey Pait said. “There’s no words to describe just how much this award will help us. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you for this scholarship. I promise to work as hard as I can and to help spread the kindness that you have shown me to others.”


“I am eternally grateful for receiving the Meltzer Scholarship, alongside my peer and friend Hailey Pait. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education at Western Carolina University because of this monumental scholarship,” Tyra Syverson said. “Thank you to all involved in awarding this honor.”



Roy A. Taylor Scholarship

The scholarship is specifically awarded to a rising senior working towards a Communication degree. Learn more about the selection criteria here.

“I was surprised and honored to hear about the scholarship,” winner Rebecca Hart said. “College isn’t cheap, so any support is appreciated! I love being a communication major because I find that many of the skills we learn are transferable across all fields. But I, specifically, enjoy Western’s communication department for the support they provide us financially in scholarships and academically in the mentoring we receive from our professors.”


The Patrick Lee Carmody Fund Scholarship

The fund strives to provide continuing support for WCU students majoring in Communication. Read more about the selection process here.

“I was surprised when I was chosen for a scholarship from the department,” recipient Jessica Posa said. “I’m very grateful to be recognized for my academic achievement and work in the department!”



Dr. Kathleen Wright Scholarship

This scholarship is in commemoration of Dr. Kathleen Wright’s 35-year career at WCU. She was a professor and head of the Department of Communication. Wright served on every university committee and was eventually awarded the Paul A. Reid Service Award.

“I was surprised and honored to hear that I was chosen for this scholarship,” student Melianne Raymond said. “It’s such a blessing to me and I feel motivated to keep doing my best each semester, knowing I have the support of all my teachers and advisors in the Communications Department.”



Arthur Anderson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Arthur Anderson was a New York-based actor for more than 70 years. The scholarship is awarded to students who are obtaining a degree in the performing arts, such as radio and television. The scholarship is only granted in alternating years in conjunction with the School of Stage and Screen.

“I was honestly very surprised that I had been chosen for a scholarship by the Communication Department,” Tessa Bradshaw said. “This came as a huge surprise because I am still rather new to the program and I did not expect this to happen. Despite my initial shock, I’m glad that I was awarded a scholarship because I plan on being a lifelong student. I don’t know what my overall goal for my education is, but I plan to attend graduate school after I graduate with my bachelor’s degree.”

“I think it’s particularly fitting being on this committee and that this is the very end of March, which is Women’s History Month, that somehow inadvertently, all six of our scholarships went to and were earned by six amazing women in our department and I could not be prouder of the six of you young women and we can’t wait to see how you continue to make your mark on history,” Noltensmeyer said.

The scholarship recipients were decided by a committee consisting of Dr. Candy Noltensmeyer, William Gambill and Dr. Jim Manning. To learn more about the Communication Department and the scholarships that are offered, click here.