In 2018, Mary Mazzucco graduated from Western Carolina University with a degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. She was originally inspired to major in communication from her aunt who works in the same field. 

Mazzucco currently owns a wedding and elopement photography business based in North Carolina called Mazzucco Photography.  She started the business in 2020 during the height of the pandemic and has since grown it to be a six-figure earning business in a calendar year. 

Mazzucco learned valuable information during her time at Western as a Communication student that she has since applied to starting her own business. 

“Interpersonal communications classes have helped me tremendously with learning different communications styles and how to handle different clients. Public relations classes have helped me learn how to represent myself professionally,” said Mazzucco. 

Mazzucco hopes students can take the information they learn in their classes at Western and apply it to whatever their passions are in the future, even if these passions change over time.  

“Not every job you have is going to be your dream job, but they’re stepping stones onto bigger and better things. Don’t worry about picking your forever passion. Allow yourself the grace to flow and discover what really matters,” said Mazzucco. 

Mazzucco recognizes that students may not find what they are looking for immediately after college and that their career path may take them in unexpected directions. 

“Just keep going. It may suck for a while, but keep going. This applies to anything and everything. Life is tricky and hard. Perseverance and tenacity are sure-fire ways to success. Sometimes when doors are closed, it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, it just means that you’re being asked to rest and reflect. Things do get better,” said Mazzucco. 

Mazzucco encourages students to listen to their professors because they can provide some of the best advice and information for your future. 

“Your professors are smart, they’re kind, and they’re here to help you succeed. They’re human. Reach out and talk with them because I can promise you that you will be shocked at the grace and kindness that they will show you,” said Mazzucco. 

Looking forward, Mazzucco hopes to outsource some of her responsibilities as a business owner so she can travel more and enjoy life.

To connect with Mazzucco, follow her photography account on Instagram @mazzuccophotography or add her as a friend on Facebook: Mary Caroline Mazzucco