Lindsay Mathis earned her B.S. in Anthropology at Western Carolina University and began working as the administrative support assistant for WCU’s Communication Department in December 2017.

Originally from Asheville, Mathis grew up watching the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band and was also involved in her middle and high school marching band. A friend told her about the position at WCU, and Mathis jumped on the opportunity to apply. 

“I had been working in the medical field for several years and needed a change. So, when my friend told me that Don Connelly, the department head at the time, was a great guy to work for, I decided to apply,” said Mathis. 

Mathis handles most of the day-to-day operations of the communication department. Her duties include making purchases, keeping track of departmental budgeting, creating course sections, and handling all student working position postings and the hiring process.

Moreover, one thing that has surprised Mathis is “how amazing working in the Department of Communication is. Everyone is so appreciative,” said Mathis. She admires all the faculty members and students, and “meeting and talking to our awesome students” has been the most rewarding part of her role. Mathis feels inspired to continue in her position, knowing she works for a university that makes a difference in students’ lives and western North Carolina.

 Lastly, Mathis encourages students to choose communication as a major because of the opportunities students can gain. 

“There is so much opportunity with majoring in communication,” said Mathis. “Before working for the department, I didn’t know how important communication was in almost every career you can think of.”

Students can find and contact Mathis with any questions at her office located in Stillwell building office 233A. Students can also reach her at 828-227-3846 or