Dr. Candy Noltensmeyer presented at a conference for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning on Tuesday, Feb. 28 and Wednesday, March 1 in Savannah, Ga.

Dr. Noltensmeyer presented on “Tell me a story: Student Perceptions of the Effect of Story on Learning” and was a co-author along with Kristy Doss, Lisa Bloom and Katharine Mershon.

She chose to present on this topic because she is interested in how students learn and is always trying to find new ways to engage students and make learning more fun. 

Many people that are interested in pedagogy attended this conference. 

Dr. Noltensmeyer said that the survey results indicated that student engagement, understanding of concepts, and ability to apply concepts all increased significantly when stories were used. 

“I wanted evidence to support what I have been seeing in the classroom. By sharing these results, I have evidence to support what I have been seeing in students for years! If I can share this strategy with other faculty, this project has the potential to improve learning in numerous ways”, she said. 

Dr. Noltensmeyer received the opportunity to present at this conference by the research team submitting the presentation, and it then got blind reviewed and accepted. The acceptance rate is about 60% for this particular conference.

She started out as a communication minor during undergraduate studies, but after taking a theory class, she loved it. 

“I took a theory class and was just fascinated! I started graduate school a year later and never looked back,” she said.

Dr. Noltensmeyer’s favorite aspects of communication are interacting with the audience and relationships. 

“I love attempting to understand all facets of relationships as they continuously shift,” she said.

At this time, there are no upcoming presentations that Dr. Noltensmeyer has planned, but she usually presents a project once or twice a year. For the remainder of the semester, she is focused on editing some projects for publication.