The PRSSA chapter at WCU took a field trip at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29 to WLOS ABC News Station in Asheville. 

PRSSA, or Public Relations Student Society of America, is a student organization dedicated to supporting young PR professionals to succeed in developing a network during school to help them secure jobs later in life.

The purpose of the field trip was for Communication majors to see first-hand activity within a news station and see the atmosphere of working in a station.

“We took a tour around the entirety of the station and got to see everything from the journalists picking up story call-ins to stepping foot in the studio floor where live news is broadcasted,”  said Hayden Huffman, PRSSA president.

Students also got to see server rooms, editing bays, and green screens under supervision of the tour guide. 

“My biggest takeaway from the trip is that a news station is a living and breathing machine that operates as consistently as the people working within it. People working within a news station are talented and dedicated to making sure the news is factual and relevant,” said Huffman.

Next up for PRSSA are getting ready for elections for the fall semester and working on logistics to attend ICON 2023, which is a national conference for PRSSA organizations. If you are interested in running for an office position or joining PRSSA, contact Hayden Huffman at

For more information about upcoming events for PRSSA, follow them on instagram @wcuprssa_1.