The Department of Communication at Western hosted a Communication Weekend celebration on Friday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Oct. 28 to honor the 75th anniversary of WWCU FM 95.3 radio station.

“It was great to see all the alums and find out what they have been doing and the weekend provided an opportunity to show off the new station,” said Professor Debra Connelly. “The facility will be a huge benefit to the students and the community.”

The radio station was recognized for its 75th anniversary of service to students and community. Faculty put together panels for students to hear from several alumni and what they are doing in the communication field.

“The weekend gave the department new resources through our alumni,” said Connelly. “Students like to hear what they can do with their degree.”

Other events took place for the celebration such as a sponsored alumni luncheon by Senior Vice President of Operations at Charter Communications, Chris Faw, a reception on the Apodaca terrace and a tailgate.

Faw, communication department alumni, and his wife Kathy Faw donated money to go towards two new scholarships for students in the communication department.

“The importance is for the department and the students as we know how hard it is to get a quality education,” said Connelly. “Giving a boost to a couple of freshmen will get them engaged earlier with the department and learn what it takes to be successful.”

Months in advance of planning took place far in advance for this weekend of events to be successful.

“Dr. Eldredge had the idea at least a year or so in advance,” said Connelly. “More definitive plans started last spring and really started moving just before school started.”

Lining up speakers, ordering food, moving supplies, being in several places at once and coordinating volunteers for social media is among some of the planning that happened for the weekend.

“A lot of planning took place for five successful events of various sizes in a day and a half,” said Connelly. “Coordination and trust that everyone would do their part made for a great celebration.”