The Western Carolinian celebrates its 90th anniversary as well as the joint collaboration between English and communication department advisors.

Liam Bridgeman, second-year editor-in-chief of The Western Carolinian, explained what this milestone means to him.

“90 years is truly incredible,” said Bridgeman. “As a staff, we are honored to continue the tradition of The Western Carolinian.”

The Western Carolinian has many roles at Western, the most influential being the bridge of information among students, faculty, staff and administration.

“We are here to be a beacon of truth and provide students and the community as a whole a voice,” said Bridgeman. “We are also the watchdogs. It is our job to ensure everyone is held accountable for their actions – we are the fourth estate and I think we wear that title well.”

Ninety years serving the Western Carolina University campus has shown the value of news and keeping society informed at the forefront of the Carolinian’s goals.

“The fact that our campus still has a newspaper while thousands have ceased across the country is really a feat,” said Bridgeman. “Having amazing journalists like we do is paramount not just for WCU but also for the entire county. We have a job to keep people informed, educated and hold people accountable for their words and actions.”

Going into 2024, the Carolinian will be advised by Dr. Mae Claxton, of English studies, and Dr. Katerina Spasovska, of the communication department.

“I am more than excited to be working with two of the most respected professors on this campus in Dr. Claxton and Dr. Spasovska,” said Bridgman. “I’m also honored that they were interested in working with us. Our staff members are some of the hardest working students on this campus and I am ecstatic that we are able to add to the team with Dr. Claxton and Dr. Spasovska.”

The Carolinian has produced competitive, hard-working journalism for the past 90 years and has no intentions of changing that reputation throughout the next 90.