Western Carolina University’s TV studio installed a new Allen and Heath DLive C3500 audio board in the Center of Applied Technology over 2023’s Winter Break.

The new audio board offers “more features, modern design [and is] more relevant to the current state of live audio production,” said Johnson.

It replaced the previous 20-year-old audio board that was out-of-date and breaking.

WHEE-TV, COM-355 and shows produced in the TV studio will use the audio board.

“I am very excited to use the console on WHEE-TV productions as well as a class team up with the school of music in April,” said Johnson.

Students interested in gaining hands-on experience with the audio board can join the WHEE-TV club or attend the TV Studio’s student worker hours.

The Allen and Heath DLive C3500 audio board cost $60,000 and came from the non-recurring budget request for 2023.

The TV Studio student worker hours for the 2024 Spring Semester are Monday 12-2 p.m., Tuesday 10-12 p.m., Wednesday 12-3 p.m., Thursday 3-5 p.m. and Friday 11-1 p.m.