Members of the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band went to Ireland to participate in the St. Patrick’s Day parade from Tuesday, March 12 to Monday, March 18. 

Two of those students were communication majors, Ashley Elliott, a junior in Health Communication, and Jacob Pendergraph, a sophomore in Broadcasting.

The trip not only served as an opportunity for the students to showcase their skills and perform to an international community, but it was also Pride of the Mountains’ first trip abroad.

“Words cannot express how incredible it was to go to Ireland and I can confidently say it will be the highlight of my time as a member of Pride of the Mountains,” said Elliot. “Being able to travel abroad with my friends while doing band was an amazing experience.”

Additionally, the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band was one of two U.S. bands chosen to perform in the parade.

“To travel overseas was really quite inspiring,” said Pendergraph. “Just to travel and see the different geographies and cultures was really eye-opening.”

Students were able to visit multiple areas during their time such as the Cliffs of Moher, The Book of Kells, The Gaelic Games and St. Patrick’ Cathedral, as well as perform at Kilkenny Castle and throughout the streets of Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day.

“Performing on St. Patrick’s Day was a surreal experience, it seemed like all of Ireland was watching us perform, it was so crowded and everyone seemed genuinely excited to watch us,” said Pendergraph. “[And] my favorite experience was definitely the Cliffs of Moher. We got to see them on a beautiful clear day, and just the beauty was very awe-inspiring.”

Pride of the Mountains was also a featured image on BBC, capturing the Catamounts performing throughout the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“Being featured in an international news organization was really humbling,” said Pendergraph.

“I think that my communication experience helped me not only with communicating with the locals but with fundraising in general,” said Pendergraph.

We are incredibly proud of our students throughout the communication department and the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band.

For more information and pictures from the trip, follow @prideofthemountains on Instagram.