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The FEM in STEM Club is established to create a supportive atmosphere that empowers women in all STEM fields to succeed.  We are an inclusive group, spanning all science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics.  In addition to providing support to college students across these disciplines, we also plan to do outreach activities to encourage young girls to pursue STEM fields. We plan to organize a wide variety of events on our campus to support these goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • If I do not attend a lot of events, does that make me a member in “bad” standing?
    • NO! We know you are busy. We are happy to see you when you are able to come.
  • May I bring friends who are not STEM majors? Children? Parents? Male Friends?
    • Yes! We would love to meet your friends and family. Let them see how wonderful STEM majors are.

FEM in STEM won the award for the best new SGA club in 2018-2019.  (And no, we weren’t the only new club.  There were 19.)

Abigail Everett
Alexandria Caison
Alyssa Priest
Auburn Collins
Bri Berezansky
Jala Bogard
Kelci McDaniel
Madisyn French
Maggie Grondy 
Ruth McCurry
Sara Rivera
Sarah Lawson 
Shelby Watson
Sydny Young
Taylor Olive
Aimee Rockhill, Natural Resource Conservation and Management
Amanda Storm, Biology
Berna Karayaka, Chemistry
Britt Bintz, Forensic Science
Carmen Huffman, Chemistry
Cheryl Waters-Tormey, Geosciences
Cindy Atterholdt, Chemistry
Diane Styers, Natural Resource Conservation and Management
Erin McNelis, Mathematics
Frankie West, Forensic Biology
Julie Barnes, Mathematics
Karen Kandl, Biology
Kate Morovat, Computer Science
Kathy Jaqua, Mathematics Education
Kathy Mathews, Biology
Kelley Dinkelmeyer, Physics
Laura Dewald, Environmental Science
Maria Gainey, Biology
Rangika Koralege, Chemistry
Sabine Rundle, Chemistry
Sloan Despeaux, Mathematics
Yanjun Yan, Engineering

To order a T-Shirt, click here

Note that there are 3 T-Shirts to choose from:  A standard T-Shirt for $15, a long sleeve T-Shirt for $20, or a Women’s Cut T-Shirt for $15.  There are arrows on the image to navigate to the other shirts.

For those who want to download the app to receive push notifications they should download the app titled:
“Remind: School Communication” and join class with the code “69c93”.
For those who would prefer to receive text messages they should text:
the number “81010” with the code “@69c93”.
If you have any questions, contact:
Stephanie Ewing ( or Kiera Williams (



For more information, contact Jala Bogard ( or Julie Barnes (