Spring 2019 Volume XXV

Jasper Spurlock


Robert Manzo


Dr. Alexander Macaulay
Faculty Advisor


Editor’s Introduction


The editors of the Tuckasegee Valley Historical Review proudly present the twenty-fifth edition of the student-run journal. Although 25 is a significant anniversary, the goal of the “Tuck” remains the same as ever: to publish the work of history students and show off the learning and research happening in WCU’s History Department. In some ways, this year’s edition is unique, however. Two articles on environmental history, one on Nazi animal-breeding programs in the 1930s and 1940s and one on trout fishing in western North Carolina over the course of the twentieth century, showcase the work of ambitious undergraduates. Two articles by graduate students, on the other hand, combine historiographical critique with original insights into the problems of ascertaining the cultural identity of ancient Egyptian peoples (in one case) and the true religious faith, if any, held by playwright William Shakespeare (in the other case). Lastly, a short article by one of the editors outlines the origins of the modern scholarly journal. Next, in the book reviews section are contributions from students in Dr. Robert Hunt Ferguson’s course “Rural and Agricultural History” and Dr. Samuel McGuire’s course “Readings in 19th-Century US History.” We are pleased also to include a book review from a graduate student at Appalachian State University.


The editors would like to thank the faculty and staff who made this edition of the Tuck possible. Dr. Macaulay gave us the opportunity to serve as editors. Dr. Engel, the Department Head, has supported the journal for several years by securing a relationship with the WCU printing office. Finally, our appreciation goes to those who donate to the cost of printing and make it possible for Western Carolina students to publish research. We hope that readers enjoy the peer-reviewed academic work selected for this year’s edition.


Table of Contents

Allen, Ryon

The Heck Brothers, 1920-1945: Legend Becomes Reality

Morgan, John

Trounce or Triumph? Trout Technology of Transylvania County

Bennett, Jonathan

Shakespeare and Religion: The Personal Conviction and Secular Identity of Shakspeare

Morgan, Zachary

Ancient Egypt and White Nationalism: The Co-option of Egyptian Identy

Manzo, Robert

Where Did Scholarly Journals Come From?: Printing and the Republic of Letters in Seventeenth-Cnetury Europe

Morgan, Zachary

Review of The Profit of the Earth: Global Seeds of American Agriculture, by Courtney Fullilove (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017)

Franklin, Andrew J.

Review of The Blue, the Gray and the Green: Toward an Environmental History of the Civil War, edited by Brian Allen Drake (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2015)

Cloer, Keith

Review of Creating a Confederate Kentucky: The Lost Cause and Civil War Memory in a Border State, by Anne E. Marshall (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2010)

Hamby, Shane

Review of Nature’s Metropolis: Chicago and the Great West, by William Cronon (New York: W.W. Norton, 1991)

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