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COPE Module 2

In the second module, you will work on developing deeper insight into your unwanted internal experiences and develop strategies to feel less stuck. Get started with the introduction video below!


Exercise 1: Leaves in the River


Before going deeper into insight, let’s revisit recognizing. We often go through life on autopilot and can get hooked on the chatter in our minds without even realizing it. This can be problematic because our mind will sometimes say things that are unhelpful – like comparing ourselves harshly to others, criticizing our efforts, dredging up unpleasant memories, or catastrophizing about all the things that can go wrong. Getting stuck in the unhelpful chatter of our minds can perpetuate our unwanted internal experiences. 

In this mindfulness exercise you will practice observing the constant flow of thoughts, images, feelings, and other chatter that comes up in our minds. This meditation is called Leaves in a River and like the meditation in the previous module, it focuses on noticing thoughts and sensations without judgment. This exercise also incorporates guided imagery which may be a bit more challenging. Remember to be patient with yourself. 

A New Metaphor:


Exercise 2: Acceptance for Understanding


Let’s practice this idea of dropping the rope and looking at our experiences. Another term for this is acceptance. Acceptance means we are agreeing to drop the rope so that we can focus on what is important. The following exercise will help you learn to use this powerful tool. Following the meditation, use the worksheet provided to gain further insight into your experience.




*Content has been adapted with permission from Cal Poly Counseling Services and Eastern Carolina University Counseling & Student Development