As CSFE nears the end of its fifth year, the Scaled-Up Seminar and our Faculty & Student Affiliates programs have become two key programs. Together, these programs connect over 100 faculty and student researchers from different disciplines and colleges at WCU, and from campuses in the southeast region.

On Wednesday, May 26, these two programs met in the form of our live presentation and webinar, “Community, Policy and Covid: Cross-Disciplinary Research that Matters.” Presentations were offered from multiple perspectives and academic disciplines, and presenters included one WCU graduate student and two external faculty affiliates who came to CSFE through the Scaled-up Seminar.

The full line-up of speakers and topics is on our event page, and you can check out the event video is here. Through these programs, this webinar, and many other efforts, CSFE is serving as a hub and a platform for connecting our network of faculty and student researchers with needs in the community.