Make Your Wishes About You

This program is a culturally tailored program designed for the EBCI community with input from EBCI members about the needs of the community. It offers the EBCI community an opportunity to learn about advanced care planning and to create their own plan.


Dates for Community Information Sessions & Cherokee Dinners. These dates are dependent on tribal guidelines for group gatherings.

March 8, 2022–Big Cove Community Club–5pm

March 15, 2022–Big Y Community Club–5pm

March 21, 2022–Towstring Community Club–5pm

March 28, 2022–Yellowhill Community Club–5pm

April 5, 2022–Tsali Manor–11am

April 11, 2022–Wolftown Community Club–5pm

April 13, 2022–Painttown Gym–5pm

April 27, 2022–Birdtown Gym–5pm

September 13, 2022–John Welch Senior Center 11am

September 13, 2022–Cherokee County Community Club 5.30pm

September 20, 2022–Snowbird Senior Center 11am

October 13, 2022–Snowbird Community Club 6pm