How to use MY WAY

1. Participate in one of our 10 Community Informational Sessions to learn more about advance care planning. 

2. Participate in a private Sharing Session with a Support Star to complete your personalized advance care plan. 

Project Details

Members of the EBCI tribe and larger community should have control of their own healthcare, even if they get very sick and are unable to speak.

During March 2020, we talked with tribal members about advance care planning. Based on what we learned, we have received funding to develop a program to help EBCI community members think through the healthcare they want at the end of life. This program is called Make Your Wishes About You (MY WAY).

WCU is conducting a research study to see if MY WAY is helpful in assisting EBCI tribal members create an advance care plan.

With funding from the National Institutes of Health, we will work with EBCI community members and national experts to culturally tailor MY WAY. The project is led by Drs. Turner Goins and Liz Anderson, who are both professors in Western Carolina University’s Department of Social Work.

The project is guided by a Community Advisory Committee and a Professional Advisory Committee.

To participate in this study, you must be at least 18 years or older and an EBCI member, family of an EBCI member, or member of another tribe. Participants will be compensated for their time and effort.

The project has three objectives:

1. Culturally tailor the content of the MY WAY Advance Care Planning Guide and Program for the EBCI community.
2. Assess the feasibility of the culturally-tailored MY WAY Guide and Program with the EBCI community.
3. Examine outcomes of the culturally-tailored MY WAY Guide and Program with 70 EBCI community members.