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Are you new to teaching in Canvas? Maybe you are familiar with Canvas and looking for new ideas, techniques or answers and want to build on what you already know.

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Looking for guides or how to do something in Canvas? We have resources to help you be successful with Canvas@WCU!


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Self-Paced Canvas Training

Instructors – Earn skills badges while learning everything you need to know to get started teaching in Canvas with “Priming the Canvas. This course is located on your Canvas Dashboard and also highlights using online tools and teaching best practices.

StudentsLearn the basics of Canvas with our Passport to Canvas Course. The course is located on your Canvas dashboard as a resource to help you be successful.

Workshops and Training Oportunities

There are a number of different ways that you can grow your skills in Canvas.  Explore them here.

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Canvas Quiz Generation Policy

WCU does not have a tool that will translate Word documents into Canvas Quizzes, and we do not have the resources to create or manually transcribe any assessments for instructors. We recommend and fully support instructors authoring their tests/quizzes/exams inside of...

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Canvas Course Analytics and Quiz Statistics

Canvas offers instructors some incredibly powerful tools to view course analytics, individual student analytics and quiz statistics. The wealth of information provides instructors with a comprehensive view of student engagement as well as insight into areas for...

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First Day Ready in Canvas

Instructors at WCU will be teaching in Canvas beginning in summer 2021 and beyond.  WCU faculty will be teaching in Canvas beginning in summer 2021 and beyond. One of the major differences between Blackboard and Canvas, as far as courses go, is a feature in Canvas...

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Canvas Implementation Core Integrations

Canvas has a great many features “out of the box.” But no system is perfect for every situation.  Canvas has an extensible platform that allows for “plug-ins,” “LTIs” or “integrations” that work in a way that is integrated with the system.  Although salespeople at...

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Rubrics in Canvas

Rubrics can be used to grade assignments, discussions and quizzes in a course.  Rubrics can be used to as an efficient way to evaluate assignments, quizzes and discussions with more effective and valuable individual feedback and expectation for students.    Why...

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Canvas and Mobile Apps

One of the reasons that WCU chose Canvas was for the shift in student engagement and consumption of media using mobile devices.  The best way to design your courses is, of course, using your computer, but your students will appreciate efforts to make the course more...

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