EMT’s and paramedics have taken on profoundly new and different roles since the pandemic. Unlike singular and localized events, COVID-19 presented new challenges to Emergency Medical Services professionals. In response, these EMS professionals have upgraded their preparation, and new pressures are mounting to evolve professional training and public policy as well. These insights and more are part of our newest study by Faculty Affiliate Jackson Déziel, “A Different Kind of Disaster Response: Emergency Medical Services and the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Professor Déziel is Director of WCU’s Emergency Medical Care program, and his research background is in the field of public policy. We can’t think of a better source for understanding the intersection of emergency services and public policy. His work provides workable ideas for bolstering the EMS workforce, expanding occupational roles, and promoting innovation by emergency professionals throughout the industry. Read the full study at the link above, and feel free to visit another entry on this blog, Meet Jackson Déziel.