Poster Presentations

A research poster is a visual representation that showcases a student’s scholarly research and/or other creative endeavors. A poster presentation allows students to present their work in a form that the audience can easily view and to stimulate an exchange of ideas related to the research and its findings.

Both in-person and virtual posters are displayed below; in-person presenters will be showcasing their work at the Ramsey Center (Concourse Level) from 6:15 pm to 7:30 pm on March 20, 2023. Poster presentations will be judged by a faculty panel and cash awards will be presented to the top two presenters during the Awards Ceremony at 6:00 pm in the Ramsey Arena.

Colleges and Graduate Programs Featuring Poster Presentations

College of Arts & Sciences
College of Education and Allied Professions
Clinical Psychology – M.A.

The Roles of Affective Lability, Boredom, and Mindfulness in Predicting Number of Sex Partners
Graduate Student: Carolyn Lorenzi

Investigating the Disparities in Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses
Graduate Student: Trey Morris

The Relation Between Parenting Strategies, Parents’ Beliefes of Children’s Emotions, and Preschoolers’ Theory-of-Mind
Graduate Student: Ava Weber

Experiential and Outdoor Education – M.S.

Back to Civilization Strategies for Coping with Reintegration After a Long-Distance Hike on the Appalachian Trail
Graduate Student: Fran Barnett

Higher Education Student Affairs – M.ED.

What is The International Students’ Experience of On-Campus Dining?
Graduate Student: Olalekan Olanipekun

School Administration – M.S.A

Tackling Chronic Absenteeism in Marginalized Communities for Equal Academic Opportunities
Graduate Student: Gloria Painter

School Psychology – S.S.P

Do Levels of Administrative Support Impact Teacher Burnout?
Graduate Student: Anna Cuddington

How Teacher Buy-In to SEL Impacts Student Outcomes?
Graduate Student: Chelsea Cullen

High School Student Perceptions of Academic Success
Graduate Student: Rachael Cunio

Psychology – PSY.D

Treatment Efficacy of Wilderness Therapy
Graduate Student: Madeline Adolf

Adult Suicide Risk and Psychopathology Elevations in a CMHQ
Graduate Student: Taylor Gamble

Autistic Consumers’ Perspectives on Gender-Affirming Mental Health Services
Graduate Student: Brittany Lindsay

Externalizing, Interpersonal, and Thought Dysfunction Scales of the MMPI-A-RF Related to Adolescent Trauma and PTSD
Graduate Student: Kelsey O’Brien

College of Engineering and Technology
Engineering Technology – M.S.

Solar Recycler
Graduate Student: Collin Tastet

College of Health and Human Sciences
Nurse Education – M.S.N.

Comparison in Nursing: An Integrative Literature Review
Graduate Student: Hannah Allison

Learning Through Simulation: An Integrative Literature Review
Graduate Student: Tyler Day

Education for the Oncology Nurse: A Literature Review
Graduate Student: Bethany Eggers

Nurse Leadership – M.S.N.

Supporting Implementation of AEDs on School Campuses
Graduate Student: Sara Council

Managing the Frontlines: Nurse Preparedness and Response
Graduate Student: Kayla Harris

Effects of Nurse Leadership on Healthcare Organizations: An Integrative Literature Review
Graduate Student: Amy Tatum

Social Work – M.S.W.

Reducing the Burden of Opioid Use Disordor in North Carolina: Harm Reduction Study
Graduate Student: Erik Chaplinksy and Natalie Lembeck