Poster Presentations

A research poster is a visual representation that showcases a student’s scholarly research and/or other creative endeavors. A poster presentation allows students to present their work in a form that the audience can easily view and to stimulate an exchange of ideas related to the research and its findings.

Poster presentations will be judged by a faculty panel and cash awards will be presented to the top two presenters during the virtual Graduate Research Symposium Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 26 at 11:30am.

Poster Judges:

Morgan Kennedy 

Claire Wofford 

Dave Hudson 

Brandy Tiernan 

Sara Duncan 

Mickey Henson 


1st Place Poster Winner

– Grayson Williams –

Biology – M.S.

Transient Expression of the Rabies Glycoprotein in Soybean

2nd Place Poster Winner

– Matthew Dodge, Adam Hicks, Alexa Barrett –

Psychology – M.A.

Multidimensional Behavioral Health Screen 2.0 Prediction of Joiner Suicide Risk Levels

Colleges and Graduate Programs Featuring Poster Presentations

College of Arts & Sciences
Biology – M.S.

Banking on the Future of Rock Outcrops: Analysis and Comparison of Soil Seedbank and Aboveground Vegetation Composition of Two High-elevation Outcrop Communities
Graduate Student: Amanda-Jean Blackburn
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Kathy Mathews, Dr. Beverly Collins, Dr. Gary Wein

Establishment of a Transient CRISPR-Cas9 System for Promoter Recombination in C. neoformans
Graduate Student: Jack Evans
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Indrani Bose

Transient Expression of the Rabies Glycoprotein in Soybean
Graduate Student: Grayson Williams
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Amanda Storm

College of Education and Allied Professions
Educational Leadership – Ed.D.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging in College:  The Importance of Faculty in First-Year Support
Graduate Student: Laura Baylor, Maureen Lambert
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Brandi Hinnant-Crawford

Whee Support You!: Creating Online Supports for Students Who Are Foster Care Alumni
Graduate Student: Amelia Schlott
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Lee Nickles

Counseling: Clinical Mental Health – M.S.

Field Staff Wellness and Therapeutic Resources
Graduate Student: Jennifer Gift
Faculty Sponsor(s):  Dr. Phyllis Robertson, Dr. Merry Leigh Dameron



Psychology – M.A.

Multidimensional Behavioral Health Screen 2.0 Prediction of Joiner Suicide Risk Levels
Graduate Student(s): Matthew Dodge, Adam Hicks, Alexa Barrett
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. David McCord


Psychology (Health Service) – Psy.D.

Access to Healthcare for Justice-Involved Rural Versus Urban Populations
Graduate Student: Brittany Lindsay
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Dr.Al Kopak


Psychology (Specialist ins School) – S.S.P.

The Relationship between Parent Involvement and Readiness for Preschool
Graduate Student: Mariel Valino
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Cathy Grist

Differential Influences of Behavioral and Parent Report Measures of Executive Function in Predicting Academic Achievement
Graduate Student: Nina Andre
Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Alleyne Broomell


    College of Engineering and Technology
    Graduate Student:Technology – M.S.

    Gypsum Calcination Modeling
    Graduate Student: Afsana Alam
    Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Haryi Sezer

    Development of Multi-physics Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Solver
    Graduate Student: Christopher James
    Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Haryi Sezer

    Third Generation Neural Prosthesis to Improve Gait in People with Muscle Weakness
    Graduate Student: Sean McNamara
    Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Paul Yanik

    College of Health and Human Sciences
    Social Work : M.S.W.

    Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) in the Criminal Justice System
    Graduate Student: Rachel Bilbo
    Faculty Sponsor(s): Dr. Meredith Malpass