Graduate 3-Minute Thesis Competition


The 3MT competition is a presentation that lasts literally 3 minutes and highlights a student’s thesis, dissertation, business plan, or scholarly project. It was started at the University of Queensland in Australia in 2008 and has now spread to more than 350 universities across the world. The purpose of the presentation style is to train students to condense and highlight their scholarly work to an educated, but diverse audience in preparation for job interviews, business interactions, and conversations with colleagues both inside and outside of their discipline.

3MT® 2020 Award Winners

First Place: $500 Tuition Award for the Spring 2021 term AND $500 Cash
Second Place: $250 Tuition Award for the Spring 2021 term AND $250 Cash
People’s Choice: $250 Tuition Award for the Spring 2021 term AND $250 Cash

Cash awards provided by the Graduate Student Association




3MT® First Place Winner

Thomas Hennessey
“Restoring the Roan: How Red Spruce Responds to Forest Canopy Openings at Roan Mountain NC”
 M.S. Biology

3MT® Second Place Winner

Amy Childers
“Social & Emotional Learning in Elementary School Morning Meetings”
Psychology – S.S.P.

3MT® People’s Choice

Morgan Pillsbury
“Optimizing Interprofessional Education in Health Care Professions”
Physical Therapy – DPT
Top 10 Finalists

Wilderness Therapy: Field Staff Wellness
Jennifer Gift
Counseling: Clinical Mental Health – M.S.

Roles of Genital Self-Image, Distraction, and Anxiety in Women’s Sexual Pleasure: A Preregistered Study
Kasey Morey
Psychology Clinical – M.S.

Counting Cows | The Art of My Everyday
Kate Chassner
Art (Fine Arts) – M.F.A.

The Roles of Body Image, Sexual Motives, and Distraction in Women’s Sexual Pleasure: A Preregistered Study
Kendall Poovery
Psychology Clinical – M.S.

Substance Use and Post-traumatic Stress in Victims of Interpersonal Trauma
Madison Surrett
Psychology Clinical – M.S.

Building Bridges: Oral Tradition Among the Cherokee and Negev Peoples
Muath Qadous
English – M.A.

Mommy and Me: How Maternal Affect and Infant Temperament Predict Executive Function Development
Nina Andre
Psychology (Specialist in School) – S.S.P.