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All presentations for the 23rd Undergraduate Exposition are listed below by college and department. Congratulations to these students and their faculty sponsors for their dedication and hard work in such wonderful academic achievements.


Colleges and Departments Featuring Student Presentations

College of Arts & Sciences


Taxonomic Clarification of Firefly Species within the Genus Lucidota (Coleoptera: Lampyridae)
Student Author: Sara Rivera
Faculty Sponsor: Luiz Felipe Lima da Silveira

Can You Hear Me Now? Improving of Detectability of Dusky Gopher Frog Advertisement Calls
Student Author: Sara Rivera
Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Pechmann

Measurement of the Oligomeric Organization of the Olfr691 Receptor by Spatial Intensity Distribution Analysis
Student Authors: Jamie Blaylock, Danielle Voet
Faculty Sponsors: Robert Youker, Jennifer Pluznick

Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Putative Stabilizing Mutations in CFTR Domain NBD2-N1303K
Student Authors: Margaret Bray, Joseph Dakota Taylor
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Youker

    Criminology and Criminal Justice

    Does Early Involvement of Counsel Matter for Pretrial Outcomes?
    Student Author: Morgan Robinson
    Faculty Sponsor: Jamie Vaske


      Geosciences and Natural Resources

      Defining Hollows and Constraining the Geomorphic Factors Contributing to Landslide Initiation in the Southern Appalachians
      Student Author: Nickolas Guarneri
      Faculty Sponsors: David Kinner, Cheryl Waters-Tormey

      Outcrop and Microstructural Evidence of Ductile Deformation in the Webster-Addie Peridotite Body (Blue Ridge Thrust Complex, North Carolina)
      Student Author: Cecillia Utterback
      Faculty Sponsors: Amy Fagan, Cheryl Waters-Tormey

      Differentiating the Groundwater Flow Paths in Two Tributaries Within a Forested and Humid Headwater Located in Cullowhee, NC
      Student Authors: Charles Wright, Brittany Payne
      Faculty Sponsor: Mark Lord

      The Effect of Canopy Openness on Saproxylic Coleoptera Diversity in the Wilson Creek Watershed
      Student Authors: Sierra Croney, Henry Williams
      Faculty Sponsor: Jane Dell

      Mapping Bedrock Geological Features that Contribute to Landslides in the Southern Appalachians
      Student Author: Logan Smith
      Faculty Sponsors: Cheryl Waters-Tormey, David Kinner

      Storm Flow Response in Headwater Streams with Different Groundwater-Stream Water Interaction Traits in Cullowhee, NC
      Student Authors: Brittany Payne, Charles Wright
      Faculty Sponsor: Mark Lord

      Philosophy and Religion

      Applying James to Wesley: A Methodist Misconception and a Pragmatic Solution
      Student Author: Nathan Travis
      Faculty Sponsor: Daryl Hale

      College of Business

      School of Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Business Law

      When Women Make More Than Men: The Gender Wage Gap Story of County Finance Directors in North Carolina
      Student Author: Sloane Goodman
      Faculty Sponsors: Leobardo Diosdado, Marco Lam

      The Impact of Covid-19 on the Hospitality and Tourism Industry: A Financial Market Analysis
      Student Author: Brett Lemmons
      Faculty Sponsors: Marco Lam, Lebardo Diosdado

      College of Education and Allied Professions


      Women’s Interoception and Sexual Function: A Correlational Analysis
      Student Authors: Sophia Frank, Kendall Poovey
      Faculty Sponsor: David de Jong

      Women’s Sexual Motivation and Sexual Dysfunctions
      Student Authors: Pablo Alfaro Perez, Kacey Morey
      Faculty Sponsor: David de Jong

      College of Engineering and Technology

      School of Engineering and Technology

      A Limited Scope Level 1 Probabilistic Risk Assessment of a Loss of Coolant Event for an Advanced Light Water Small Modular Factor
      Student Authors: Jazz Click, Matthew Weathersby, Kyle Skeen
      Faculty Sponsors: Martin Tanaka, Bora Karayaka, Mihai Diaconeasa

      Water Turbine for Engineering Practice and Principles III Course
      Student Authors: Lauren Bryson, Timber West
      Faculty Awardee: Bora Karayaka, Wes Stone

      PEDAL POWER: A Product That Produces Electrical Power From a Rotating Bicycle Wheel
      Student Author: Lyle Pressley
      Faculty Sponsors: Wes Stone, Bora Karayaka

      The Use of Peltier Elements to Produce a Dorm Safe Cooking Appliance
      Student Authors: Rylan Paye, Luke Via
      Faculty Sponsors: Martin Tanaka, Bora Karayaka

      David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts

      School of Art and Design

      Repurposing Plastics in an Undergraduate, Communal Art Research Course
      Student Authors: Lauren Daubler, Madi Rose, Matt Cain, Marquise Hill
      Faculty Sponsors: Morgan Kennedy, Tom Ashcraft

      School of Music

      Electronic Music of Steve Reich
      Student Author: McKenzie Squires
      Faculty Sponsor: Christina Reitz

      Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind-Tourre, and “The Shining”
      Student Author: McKenzie Squires
      Faculty Sponsor: Bruce Frazier

      Batá Drumming: Ethical & Respectful Use by Non-Santeros
      Student Author: Kendall Rhymer
      Faculty Sponsor: Adam Groh

        College of Health and Human Sciences

        School of Health Sciences

        Are Water Striders Predators of the Invasive Aedes Japonicus?
        Student Author: Miranda Pavey
        Faculty Sponsors: Brian Byrd

        Measuring Pre-Nursing Student Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills Related to Vaccine Hesitancy
        Student Authors: Alexandria Plemmons, Victoria Powell
        Faculty Sponsor: Chad Hallyburton

        Traumatic Thoracic Injury in a Ninja/Parkour Athlete: A Level 4 Rare Events Case Study
        Student Author: Ann Francis
        Faculty Sponsor: Melissa Snyder

        Hyperparasitism of Aedes Atlanticus/Tormentor by Water Mites
        Student Author: Kaylin Lewandowski
        Faculty Sponsor: Brian Byrd

        A Mosquito Survey of Jackson Park in Henderson County, North Carolina (2020)
        Student Authors: David Sturm, Madison Israel, Thomas Buchanan
        Faculty Sponsor: Brian Byrd

        A Tick Survey in Jackson County, NC (Fall 2020)
        Student Authors: Jordan Marshall, Juan Cabrera, Davis Hoots, Connor Henderson
        Faculty Sponsor: Brian Byrd