Understanding the powers of the RCE in Canvas will enable you to craft information to your students in not only a visually compelling way but also encourage engagement with your content while offering clearer information. 

The following Canvas features use the Rich Content Editor:  Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes and Syllabus. 

overview of the rich content editor

Menus [1] 

Menus are listed above the toolbar where you can find the all features available in the RCE. *Note: There are some less common features only available in the menus and not the toolbar.  

Toolbar [2] 

Buttons on the toolbar are condensed and grouped by related function. Clicking the down arrow next to buttons, similar to the Apps & Integrations button [4] reveals a fuller list of choices. 

Integrations [3] 

The buttons for Panopto and Office 365 are featured as top-level buttons in the RCE. Additional integrations are available by clicking the External Apps & Integrations button [4]. Clicking View All [5] reveals a full list of available integrations. Click on the title of the app from the popup menu to select it. *Note: Recently used apps/integrations will be listed in a quick-list under the plugin button.   

Status Bar [6]

The status bar under the menu is where you can find the Accessibility Checker [7], the Raw HTML Editor mode button [8] and a button to go Fullscreen [9]. Note: A Keyboard Shortcuts reminder is also available in the Status bar area.  

Condensed Toolbar

Important to note: If your screen is too narrow to show the entire toolbar, Canvas will compact some of the items into a More button at the end of the toolbar. Click the More button to see the rest of them. 

condensed toolbar snowman menu in the Cavas RCE

More About the Accessibility Checker in the RCE: 

The Rich Content Editor supports multiple accessibility features for easy creation of accessible content: 

    • The Rich Content Editor includes an accessibility tool that checks common accessibility errors within the editor. This tool can help you design course content while considering accessibility attributes and¬†is located in¬†the Rich Content Editor menu bar. Learn how to¬†use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor.¬†
    • Alt text should be added when embedding external images. Learn how to¬†embed images from the web in the Rich Content Editor.¬†
    • Headings for table columns and rows can be changed in either the Rich Content Editor or the HTML Editor view.¬†

How does this align to Canvas training materials?

Canvas logoPriming the Canvas: 1.3 Getting Started: Modules, Content, & Discussions 

Additional Resources: 

  • Rich Content Editor¬†lessons for instructors¬†
  • Rich Content Editor¬†lessons for students
  • Visit¬†canvas.wcu.edu¬†
  • Contact the 24/7 Canvas Help if you need help with issues as you are working in Canvas. (NOTE: 24/7 Canvas Help goes away on June 30 and Help will be taken over by the WCU Helpdesk which is not manned 24/7).¬†
  • Canvas Migration FAQ
  • Register for one of the¬†Zoom sessions¬†which will be held on Thursdays and Fridays at 11:00 A.M. after reviewing the¬†Priming the Canvas Course.¬†This week’s sessions will cover Canvas modules, Pages and Files as well as using Canvas’ Rich Content Editor.

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