Maximizing Nosotros: Empowering LatinX Students for Success seeks to engage and develop conference attendees through intentional learning and experiential opportunities. As a participant, you will be enriched by taking advantage of the various learning opportunities provided through the three tracks: Owning Our Values, Challenging Ourselves and Claiming our Roots.


Owning Our Values

Fundamentally, we need to accept that people are human, not robots or superheroes. Some may say that humans are inherently flawed and some may argue that to be flawed is to be unique and beautiful. If we own our values, we are in balance with ourselves and can allow for imperfections to exist in our appreciation for others.

When you share values with others, it bonds you. The same is true when you recognize where you disagree. Before we share, we must understand ourselves: Who and what we are? How do we navigate the world? How do we form friendships and relationships? What does it mean to see the world differently or similarly to others? This and many other questions about identity, place, and experience will be addressed under this track.

  • Identity and American Politics

  • LatinX and American History

  • LatinX – Hispanic – Latina/o

  • Afro/LatinX Experience

Challenging Ourselves

As human beings, we often find that challenges inspire; they help us to grow.

It is easy to fall prey to the mundane, to routines. And in some cases, people spend their entire life struggling to survive.

Your entire path does not have to be a challenge. But at the very least, stretch yourself. As a collegiate, you are in a place with great opportunities to challenge yourself. Maybe it means that you partner with someone from a different background to do a class project. Maybe it’s advocating for education or social justice. Or it could be something outside of work, like hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains. Whatever it is, it should give you a chance to engage in a way that the safe and comfortable doesn’t. This and many other challenging ideas will be explored under this track.

  • Building Inclusive Collaborations

  • Strategies for Engaging in Campus

  • Advocating for LatinX Success

Claiming Our Roots

In Claiming Our Roots we seek to leverage the intersection of our stories, identities, traditions, genealogical journeys, and even DNA results, to better form who we are and where we want to go. We understand that while our lives may be temporary our actions can be powerful and everlasting. These ideas and conversations will be explored under this track.

  • Race and Nationality

  • Multiracial Identity

  • Afro/LatinX Experience

  • LatinX – Hispanic – Latina/o