Somos el Cambio seeks to engage and develop conference attendees. As a participant, you will be enriched by taking advantage of workshops in this track:

Advocacy is a social change process affecting attitudes, social relationships and power relations, which strengthens civil society and opens up democratic spaces. 

  • Organizing: Build power at the base.

  • Educate Legislators: Provide information on issues. 

  • Educating the Public about the Legislative Process.

  • Introduce communities and constituencies to the legislators who represent them. 

  • Research: Produce relevant resources that reflect the real story of your community. 

  • Organizing a rally: Mobilize for your cause. 

  • Regulatory efforts: Take action at the agencies. 

  • Public education: Educate the community on the issues. 

  • Nonpartisan voter education: Inform the electorate on the issues. 

  • Nonpartisan voter mobilization: Encourage citizens to vote.

  • Training.

  • Litigation: Win in court for your cause or your community. 

  • Lobbying: Advocate for or against specific legislation. 



    More information regarding the 2020 theme and tracks will be added within the coming months.