Behavior changes and new features

Settings updates

The following settings have changed in this release:

  • Enable Embed Options UI in Embedded Session Picker — This setting controls whether the Embed Options UI is shown in the embedded session chooser, which users see when embedding Panopto videos within LMS and CMS integrations. This feature is turned ON by default.
  • Recycle bin available to non-admin users — This setting controls whether the Recycle Bin is available to all creators in addition to administrators. This feature is turned ON by default.

  • Email video deleter on restore — Setting used to enable email notification to the user who deleted a video when it is restored from the recycle bin. The email will contain a link to the video and information on who restored the video. This feature is turned ON by default.

  • Enable video preview — This setting controls whether the “Preview Mode” button is shown to users. When a user switches to preview mode, they can choose to watch videos in-line, within the session list or to launch videos in a new tab. This feature is currently in beta and it is OFF by default.

  • Allow Powerpoint downloads and external links — Specifies whether Powerpoint and Keynote downloads or other external links can be shown in the viewer.  When enabled, content creators can choose to make their slides available for download. This feature is ON by default.

  • Sort “Shared With Me” page by “Shared date” — This setting changes the default sort order for the “Shared with Me” page to list videos by the date they were shared, with most recent shares first. This feature is currently in beta and is OFF by default.

Show “Go to Parent Folder” button in Embedded Session List page — This setting controls whether the “Go up to parent” button appears within the embedded session list page, allowing easier navigation into, and out of, subfolders.

Beta Features coming in 2020…

A few Beta features not yet ready for production are currently being tested on our staging server.

  • Panopto Web (BETA) — Users can record multi-stream videos from their browser without installing any plugins or client software. Recordings can capture multiple audio and video sources, as well as entire screens, specific apps, and Chrome tabs. While we continue to gather beta feedback, this feature will only be available to site administrators. Initially, it will be supported only in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. This feature will be enabled for only admin users when in Beta but can be turned off from site-settings.

  • Video Preview (BETA) — Users will be able to preview videos when browsing and searching in Panopto’s list interfaces, so they can find critical information faster. The new preview mode allows users to watch their videos in-line wherever they are without having to go to a different tab. If they choose to, they can still open the video in a new tab or watch it as full-screen. If the preview mode is off, then the behavior for watching any videos is unchanged. The preview mode will allow users to more efficiently browse and search for videos, so they can access relevant information faster. This feature is an opt-out feature but the preview mode is off for each user till they decide to turn it ON for themselves. Admins can also choose to turn off the entire feature using a site-setting.

  • Slack Integration (BETA) — Users will be able to search for Panopto videos from directly within the Slack app and share them with channels and direct messages with just one click. If you would like to join the beta for this integration, please contact Panopto support.