Faculty will be pleased to know that Canvas has a Groups function, just as Blackboard did, and is more functional and flexible. 

Faculty can create a variety of groups (e.g. a working group, study group, or project group), and can even allow students to self-sign up, as they could in Blackboard. Groups can be created manually (with the teacher choosing members) or automatically (where group memberships are randomly created based on the number of groups specified). 

Group management 

Faculty can move students from one group with a simple drag and drop movement over their name on the screen. Leaders can also be assigned to each group and are easily managed on-screen. 

Once the groups are created, assignments are designated as group assignments in a different area of Canvas. Grades for those assignments can be assigned to¬†everyone¬†in a group (protecting individual integrity of work), or the ‚Äúsame grade‚ÄĚ for all students in a group. A simple checkbox toggles that function.¬†¬†

How does this align to Canvas training materials?

Canvas logoPriming the Canvas: Module 6 ‚ÄúStructuring the Course‚ÄĚ


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